Fairfield’s master plan will be stronger with your participation. Explore the latest draft now.

The Municipal Process

Fulfilling the promise of the broad community engagement process that took place between August and October of 2021, a first draft of the Fairfield Master Plan was prepared and made available for public review by the community. It was presented to the Planning Commission and City Council on Tuesday, January 18, at 5 PM. Opportunity for public comment in person and on Zoom occurred at a Community Listening Session at City Hall on Tuesday, January 18, at 7 PM, and on a continuing basis by email to [email protected]. Comments were accepted through February 14, 2022.

The final draft of the Fairfield Master Plan is now ready for your review. Many thanks to the community for helping us articulate Fairfield’s assets and ambitions, and point everyone involved in the direction of potential resources.

The Planning Commission unanimously adopted the master plan at a public hearing on March 9, 2022. The City Council will consider endorsing the plan on March 21 at 6pm, establishing it as a blueprint for future development in Fairfield.


Arranged in two page spreads for easy online review.

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As presented Tuesday, March 9, 2022.