Get involved

Fairfield’s master plan will be stronger with your participation. Here’s how.

An Opportunity to be Heard

The Fairfield Master Plan is a collective effort to shape our shared future so it’s important that everyone who wants to be heard has accessible opportunities to do so. That’s something we’re working hard to make sure of with multiple ways to get involved. In addition to the meetings above, here’s how:

Individual Opportunities

First, there are opportunities right here on this website. Here you’ll find a survey on life in Fairfield and below an interactive map where you can identify community problems and areas ripe for transformation. You can even reach out directly to the project team here.

Informal Community Conversations

Fairfield is filled with neighbors discussing their frustrations, hopes and ambitions for the city. Throughout this process, we’ll be working to tap into those discussions, providing groups already accustomed to talking local issues — like churches, salons and barber shops, neighborhood associations, and more — with tools to document their conversations and submit them to the project team. Got a group that’d like to participate? Contact us and let us know.

Take the Survey

Help us better understand your concerns and priorities with this short survey.

 Interviews and Public Meetings

Along the way, we’ll be talking with folks directly as well. First with in-person or video interviews and then with various public meetings. Most of these meetings will take place between October 4 and October 7 at the Civic Center (6509 E J Oliver Boulevard) using a workshop format called a charrette. A charrette is when all the players — neighbors, activists, consultants, and city staff — work together over a short span of time through meetings, topic discussions, and sidewalk chats to identify issues and propose solutions. Participate as much or as little as you’d like. Further details will be posted here as they’re confirmed.

The Municipal Process

As the plan comes together, it will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council, affording additional opportunity for public comment.


We’re interested in how you experience Fairfield — what has you particularly concerned, what needs work, and what you love and want to see more of. Add your own unique take to the map below.

Add to the Map

Press the map’s PLUS icon to start, then enter the address or use the available functions to choose the location manually.

Describe the Issue

Make sure we understand the issue. Give your entry a name and fill in the description field with all the relevant details.

Choose Your Marker

Choose the appropriate marker — Bad Situation (red pin), Needs Work (yellow pin), or Love It (green pin). Then press SUBMIT.