City of Fairfield logoWelcome to the City of Fairfield, OH, Master Plan website!

This website is designed to provide residents and other interested parties with an opportunity to stay up to date with the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department’s Master Plan process.

Fairfield, OH offers residents many unique recreation opportunities. From participating in classes at the Community Arts Center to golf, to open spaces, residents have choices when it comes to their recreation pursuits. To ensure that recreation opportunities are readily available and attractive to residents, the City of Fairfield and its future will be guided by a new Master Plan. The Master Plan process began in early 2014 and is currently picking up steam.

The quality of the new Master Plan depends on community engagement and input from many different people. To ensure that residents’ voices are heard, the Master Plan process will include a variety of different ways community members can become involved in and inform decision-making. This will include a survey, public meetings, this website, and document reviews.

Your input is vital to the success of the Master Plan. Please take the time to tour this website to learn about upcoming community engagement opportunities, find ways to comment on the overall process, and stay current on the Master Plan process.